Crashed Seagate Hard Disk Recovery on Lion

Hard drive is an essential part of Mac OS based computer that stores all your program and data files. The hard drive consists of a read/write head, platter covered with magnetic recording material, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and various other components. The hard drive is very delicate and hence prone to damage. If any of the above hard drive components are damaged due to any reasons, then it results in hard drive crash. As a result the entire hard drive data becomes inaccessible to you.

For instance, imagine yourself in a scenario where you encountered the following error message while using your Mac Lion based PC, “-127 error disk could not used/found” OR “The disk is damaged do you want to initialize?” A question mark was flashing in main screen while rebooting Seagate hard drive ST3320813AS in your Mac machine. You also got a sad icon during the reboot. The entire Seagate hard drive failed to reboot!!! What to do now??? Did I lose all my hard drive data?? You assumed that the startup disk is corrupted or not found by the Mac operating system. Therefore, you decided to repair the startup disk using Mac Disk Utility. However, the problem still persists even after repairing the Mac startup disk. Now, all your patience had turned into madness.

Don’t be impatient!!! Even though the disk utility failed to repair the crashed hard disk problem, you can still recover the hard disk data. For this you will have to use Mac hard disk data recovery utility. This utility is having the ability to restore data from dead hard drive. This is possible because; the hard drive data remain intact to their original memory space even after the hard drive failed to work or respond. The only thing you need to take care of is to avoid overwriting of the lost hard drive data. You can do this by keeping the crashed hard drive unused right after it is crashed or stopped responding. You should neither install any software nor defrag/reformat the hard drive.

However, you must be aware about the reasons of frequent Seagate hard drive crash on Mac OS X Lion. The reasons of Seagate hard disk crash on Mac Lion may be either logical or physical which are described below in details:

Logical reasons: The logical reasons of Seagate hard drive failure may be file system directory corruption, corrupted device driver or any other hard drive components. This type of corruption may occur due to accidental system shut down due to frequent power surges or virus attack. A virus can make your Mac computer useless by causing hard drive crash. Suspicious email messages with link attached from unknown sources are often source of viruses into your Mac computer. Once infected by viruses, the computer starts spreading viruses to other devices and hard drives also.

Physical Reasons: It refers to mechanical malfunctions of Seagate hard drive on Mac Lion. It can occur due to excessive heat, excessive read/write process, old hard drive, banging or dropping the hard drive etc. In such cases you need to send the damaged hard drive to data recovery labs.

The software we are suggesting is capable of retrieving data from crashed hard drive only if it is logically damaged and the hard drive data are not overwritten. It scans the entire hard drive to restore lost hard drive data. It allows you to retrieve WD hard disk data on Mac Leopard even after installation of operating system. Sometimes, the external hard drive is not detected by the Mac OS X Lion or fails to mount. The reason behind this may be file system corruption or abrupt removal of external hard drive. In such a scenario, this software helps you to execute Mac external HDD data recovery to retrieve data from unmountable external hard disk.

The data from hard disk on Mac OS X can also be lost due to accidental formatting or formatting the hard drive without proper data backup. This may happen due to hard drive repartitioning process or while converting a disk from basic to dynamic. In such scenarios, this utility will help you to restore formatted Mac hard drive without modifying its original data contents. You can preview the recovery results prior to saving them to any desired location.

The simple procedure to restore data from crashed hard drive on Mac Lion is described below in details:

Step-1: Connect the crashed Seagate hard drive to a computer with healthy hard disk. Then download and install the trial version of Mac Hard Disk Restore tool on the healthy hard drive and launch it. Upon successful launching, click on “Recover Volume/Drive” option from the main Window. After that, select “Volume Recovery” from next screen.

Step-2: Then you have to choose the crashed Seagate hard disk as the drive from which the data are to be recovered and click on “Next”. Once you click the Next option the hard drive recovery process will start. As soon as it completes you will be getting a brief detail of all the data recovered from the crashed hard disk.

To avoid data losses in the future try to backup all important hard disk data onto any external storage device regularly. Use powerful Antivirus program to avoid logical failure due to virus attack. Use an UPS in your computer to avoid accidental system shut down due to power failure.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users