Recover Data from my portable Hard drive

Portable hard drives are nothing but large storage devices that store valuable information. They can store various types of files that are present and are a good means of data backup. The user can create backup copies of all his important information that is present and store in it this portable hard drive. Pictures, videos, audio files, documents are the major contents of this files apart from other applications that are used in the system for completion of certain tasks. As result of certain scenarios data loss from the portable hard drive occurs and the user can do nothing but just keep looking at the drive helplessly. Don’t worry!! The files can be recovered without causing damage to their contents within no time with the help of drive recovery tool.

Data is lost from a portable hard drive as a result of:

System Crash: System crash is one of the main reasons that cause loss of data from the portable hard drive. There are many reasons that lead to loss of data from the hard drive like virus infection, over usage of the system and many more. Virus is the main culprit that enters the system from internet when the user downloads some data from an unknown website or while transferring files from the infected drive.

Third Party Applications: Third party application programs are nothing but those programs that are installed separately apart from the operating system. These programs complete the tasks that are assigned to them in much easier way. Sometimes while these systems are upgraded to higher versions or upgraded to a much higher level the data that is stored in them gets damaged and hence cannot be accessed.

Power Surge: Frequent on and off of the power from the main system is called as power surge. When some of the application programs that are present opened during this power cut, it may lead to loss of information from the drive. Even during the process of transferring information from one system to other system loss of power causes loss of data present in the drive. Because of power surge, your hard drive may get damage. You can get more information regarding data recovery from damaged hard drive, by visiting the site -

Drive recovery tool is the software that is required by you when you encounter data loss from your portable hard drive. Developed with the help of highly trained software professionals this recovery application recovers files present in the hard drive that has encountered MBR (Master Boot Record) corruption. Using the advanced features built within this software the user can scan the entire hard drive within few minutes and restore the data with its original directory structure. With the help of this application the user can easily recover data from formatted or re-formatted partitions which have caused loss important documents that were present in the respective drive. This tool has been included with simple graphical user interface which effectively allows the user to get the idea of how to recover data from my portable hard drive. It supports the recovery of lost or deleted files, or files that have been lost as result of many other scenarios from various types of portable hard drives that are present in the market and also recovers information from USB and other memory cards that are used for storing and transferring of useful information. Data can also be stored and shared with the help of usb tool. Hence loss of files can also occur from the device due to various reasons. This recovery application also supports to recover files from USB drives and other small storage devices.

Macbooks are developed by Apple Inc. They are relatively faster that other note books and are also loaded with many outstanding features. Various types of files can be stored in this Macbook. As data loss scenarios are quite common nowdays, loss of important files takes place due to simple human errors. Click here to get more information about how to recover files from Macbook.

Follow the simple steps to recover data from portable hard drive:

Step-1: Install the recovery tool in the system by logging in as local system administrator. Just click on the “Recover Files” which leads you to the next window for the recovery of data from your portable hard drive.

How do i Recover Data from My Portable Hard Drive - Main Screen

Step-2: “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” can be clicked based on the scenario that lead to the loss of files from the hard drive and then select the Mac drive from where you want to recover the data.

How do i Recover Data from My Portable Hard Drive - Lost-Deleted

Step-3: “Data View” or “File Type View” option is provided from the application and the user can select the required one. Also you can view the contents of the files before saving them.

How do i Recover Data from My Portable Hard Drive - File Type View

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