Recover WD Hard Drive Data on Leopard

Western Digital is one of the popular hard drive brands that has been appreciated and adored by the computer users because of the exclusive features and affordability of the hard drive models. They are stylish in looks, have great storage capacity and compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. Despite of all these attractive functionalities, there are certain scenarios where you may end in losing precious data from WD hard drive.

Consider a practical scenario where you encountered an error message while trying to format the file system in your Western Digital hard drive on Mac OS X Leopard. The error message was “File system formatter failed” which means the disk utility which you were using to format the file system failed to work. As a result all the data on WD hard drive became inaccessible!!! You would have never imagined that you will be in such s scenario losing all your valuable hard drive data.

Don’t be impatient!!! Be calm and relax!!! This is because the inaccessible data from your Western Digital hard drive on Mac OS X Leopard can still be recovered. The hard drive data are inaccessible but not permanently lost. By using a proper Mac hard drive data recovery tool you will be able to restore them.

Now you must be pondering over the fact that why the Disk Utility failed to format the file system? Disk utility on Mac OS X is generally used to perform hard drive related operations such as hard disk mounting, verifying, repairing, erasing etc. However, in some versions of Mac especially in case of Mac Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5), the disk utility may show unexpected behavior when you try to deleted or format the hard drive volume. It may happen due to compatibility issues of disk utility with Map partition scheme or corrupted Mac partition table. However, using Mac hard drive recovery tool you can easily restore data from dead hard drive.

Other than disk utility failure there are some other scenarios that result in severe data loss from Western Digital hard drive on Mac Leopard. Some of these are explained below:

Bad Sectors in WD hard drive: Bad sectors in Western Digital hard drive could be the other reason for hard drive data loss. Bad sectors are created due to Overclocking of motherboard, excess read write process, frequent power failures etc. The Bad sectors prohibits the user to access the data from the next sectors. However using Mac hard drive recovery tool you will be able to create disk image to recover data from bad sectors in your WD hard drive.

Western Digital Hard Drive corruption: The entire data become inaccessible to the user if the Western Digital hard disk is corrupted or damaged. It may happen due to virus attack, file system corruption, frequent power failures etc. Mac hard disk recovery tool can only help you out in such scenarios.

Accidentally deletion of hard drive data: The files can be deleted from the hard drive due to user mistake. You may delete some important files off your WD hard drive instead of some other files. Sometimes, you may delete or format wrong partitions accidentally during hard drive repartitioning or resizing process which ultimately results in severe data loss.

However, the deleted / lost data on Western Digital hard disk can be recovered as long are they are not overwritten with some new data. Therefore, keep the WD hard drive unused. It is better not to install any recovery tool on the Western Digital hard drive before complete hard drive data recovery. If you are looking to recover deleted files on Mac OS X 10.7 Operating System, then you can follow the appropriate steps given here -

The hard drive recovery software possesses powerful scan engine to scan the entire Western Digital hard drive and restore the deleted / lost data from it. It can restore hard drive data lost after formatting / reformatting on Mac Leopard. This software supports hard drive recovery easily on Mac OS X, 10.5 x and above versions. If the external hard drive you are using on Mac refuses to mount due to some issues, then this utility can help you out. It can retrieve data from unmountable external hard drive on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc. With this software, you can also recover MacBook hard drive data with ease.

Hard drive crash is another frequently reason of data loss. It can be both logical and physical. You will be able to recover data from crash hard disk only if it is logical failure. This hard drive recovery tool lets you know how to recover data from crashed Seagate hard disk in few easy steps. You can also check the effectiveness of the software by using its demo version.

Steps which are required to retrieve Western Digital hard disk data on Mac OS X Leopard are as follows:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of hard drive recovery software in any other healthy hard drive and connect the Western Digital hard drive as a slave to it. Upon successful launching of the software select “Recover Volume / Drive” from the main screen. Then click on “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” from the next screen with respect to your data loss scenario.

Step-2: After that select the Western Digital hard drive as the physical drive from which the lost data are to be recovered and click on “Next” to start the scanning process. After the scanning process is completed, you can view all the restored hard disk data along with their original details.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users