Restore Data from Unmountable External HDD on OS X

External Hard Drive failed to mount on Mac OS X???

Bad stuff happens even if you don’t want it to happen. It seems as if there cannot be anything more annoying when you lose access to the files you need them the most. External hard drives are used to store and transfer important data safely and easily. When connected to the Mac computer, it is recognized by the OS X and appears as any other volume in your computer. You must have used the external hard drive to keep your valuable data as a backup for the future usage. So what happens to you backup files when the external hard drive itself fails to mount on Mac OS X? All you efforts are gone!!! How will you restore the valuable data from the backup files that are in the external hard drive?? Did you lose them forever?? All these questions must be making you restless.

Don’t be afraid!!! You still have the chance to recover the external hard disk data you thought is lost forever. You valuable files can be recovered from the external hard drive using Mac hard disk file recovery software. This software allows you to retrieve external HDD data effectively provided the lost data should not be overwritten. Therefore, you need to keep the external hard drive unused until you restore all backup files from it. However, it is better to check whether the USB cable is working properly or not. Try to connect the external hard disk in some other computer and check whether it is recognized by that computer or not. If the external hard disk is not getting detected in any other computer, then you should use Mac hard drive recovery tool to retrieve data from it.

There are several reasons behind why the external hard drive fails to mount. Some important factors are briefly described below:

When external hard drive is attached to the computer: If something happens to the operating system or the hard drive of the computer when the external hard drive is attached to it, then it leads to data loss from external hard drive. Operating system crash, reinstallation of OS, accidental system shut down due to sudden power failure etc. can cause logical damage to the connected external hard drive. As a result the external hard drive becomes unmountable.

Improper Changing External hard drive permission: Changing the access permission to no access is quiet common in Mac OS X for light protection. However, sometimes, the mount process fails to work on such devices that need to be mounted first before you access data from it. You can remove the permission by using Sudo commands. If the external hard disk fails to mount after this, then you need to use Mac hard drive recovery software.

Virus Attack: The external hard drive may be unmountable due to virus attack. Virus can affect the file system in the external hard drive. As a result the external hard drive may fail to mount on Mac OS X. Using the external hard drive in different computers result in virus infected external hard drive.

Improper Ejection: Improperly ejecting the external hard drive from the computer while some files are being transferred to or from it, results in file system corruption. Hence, the external hard disk may not be recognized by the Mac OS X, when you connect it for the next time.

You can easily restore data from external hard drive unmountable after occurrence of any of the above scenario using Mac hard drive recovery utility. This software allows you to recover data from hard drives, FireWire drives, USB external drives easily even after reinstallation of operating system. This software will also help you to restore deleted files on Mac after virus attack,accidental deletion,antivirus scanning & abrupt removal of storage device without any hurdles. It helps you to retrieve data formatted Mac hard drive. Other than accidental formatting, data from Western Digital hard drive on Mac Leopard can be lost due to corruption or accidental deletion. The hard drive may get corrupted after sudden power failure, software malfunction or virus attack. This software will help you restore Western Digital hard drive Mac Leopard inaccessible after corruption.

The software also enables you to recover data from crashed hard disk. Hard drive of various leading brands like Seagate, Fujifilm, Western Digital, Transcend etc. may crash after any logical or mechanical failure leading to severe data loss. This hard drive recovery software comes handy in such scenarios. It helps you to recover crashed Seagate hard drive on Mac OS X Lion with few easy steps. You can check the effectiveness of the software by using its demo version.

Now, the effective steps to retrieve data from unmountable external HDD on Mac OS X are explained below in details:

Step-1: Connect the external HDD to your computer and then download and install the trial version of Mac Hard Drive Recovery Utility on the hard drive of your computer and launch it. Upon successful launching of the software, click on “Recover Volume/Drive” option from the main Window and then choose “Volume Recovery” from next screen.

Step-2: After that select the external hard drive as the drive from which the data are to be restored and click on “Next”. Once you click the Next option the hard drive recovery process will start. As soon as it completes you will be allowed to preview the recovered data from external hard drive.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users